Friday, January 13, 2012

Inspiration~What is Yours?

What inspires you to add or change items and color to a room in your home? 

Daunting thought? It doesn't have to be. In fact you probably have a single item that you just love and it can be the jumping point for finding a new color for the room.  The key is that the new color(s) relate to something in the room so everything fits into place.

We made our basement into a second family room/game room.  Talk about a blank slate!  Here's our inspiration piece:

Keeping the area light, but with color, I used the rug to find the wall, ceiling, trim, accent wall and accessories colors.  Here's how it turned out:


The walls' colors are Benjamin Moore's Yellow Squash and Patriot Blue, drywalled part of ceiling is in hazelnut cream (5th wall we'll talk about in another blog). 

This room is one of my examples I can use with clients to show that a color may look beige in the store under florescent lights, but in my actual space the color looks yellow with a very slight hint of peach.  The red (peach) undertones keep the color from looking plain beige or from hollering yellow.

The blue is a very dark blue, but looks lighter and brighter up on the accent wall.  Please see a past post (here) about colors not looking dark on the wall compared to the paint chip.

The color depth on this wall makes the pictures more dimensional than against a lighter color.

Accessories using related colors to the inspiration piece
inspiration piece

Maintenance free orchid~best kind for a low natural light family room.

So, still daunting to figure out which color direction your inspiration piece can take you?  Contact me to set up a color consultation appointment and we'll make that part of the project easy breezy.

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