Friday, December 12, 2014

How Will 'Color of the Year' Choices Effect Your Design?

Now that late Fall is here most of the 'Color of the Year' announcements are out. Some have created more hoopla conversation than needed, really.  Not every color of the year is perfect or 'new'.  You may never even come close to using any of the trend colors in your own space, and that is okay because color is personal; and timeless color is .....timeless.  

That being said, it doesn't hurt to know what's on trend so if you choose you CAN make an update here or there.  Instead of concentrating on one color, I recommend using the trending colors you like as a starting point and tweak them to work into your space.  Use one color in layers--lighter and darker tints and shades of the same hue--create a flow for each room having a unique color.

Have you seen these? 
 Benjamin Moore: Guildford Green HC-116

This green is a soft green that isn't sage nor yellow, just nicely in-between.  It can be a great transitional color in a main area like a foyer, or can be that bit of color to a room surrounded by the gray/greige/beige or off white neutrals in many homes.

Pittsburgh Paints: Blue Paisley PPG 1238-6

This is a rich blue, more toward a blue berry. It is fresh and makes a statement.  In most cases it will work best as an accent or in small doses.

Sherwin William: Coral Reef SW6606

This is a fresh coral, true to its name. It is not as brown as a terra cotta, but not necessarily juvenile, as this picture shows.   

Akzo Nobel: Copper Orange

This is an interesting choice in my opinion. It can be worked in as a solid color, similar to a terra cotta, perhaps in a higher sheen like satin or semi gloss; or a metallic glaze or paint could be used for a truer copper shine.  

Click here for a great article about this color from fellow color expert Isabel de Yzaguirre

Pantone: Marsala 18-1438

Most definitely the most conversation stirring pick among fellow color consultants this past week.  Pantone colors are not paint manufacture standard colors you can find in color wheel or color deck. They are geared toward the advertising and apparel industries. This year's color relates to a brick tone, burgundy-brown red.

Hopefully you can find a 'color of the year' that resonates with you for adding an update to a room or two.  If not, don't sweat it.  Make color personal to you!  
If you feel stuck on choosing a color, set up an appointment with your local color consultant. It will save you time and stress of finding the color(s) to give your space an updated look.  You can find more about Color ReDesign here.