Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re-Designing a Loft Office

Optimizing space.  Don't you love the look of an open room (no doors to close) that is pulled together, functional and welcoming?  Me too. 

Here is a client's loft/office space before I made some suggestions to open up the space:

As you come up the stairs to the second floor this loft/office space is the first thing you see.  I felt crowded, even though there is obvious room to walk around.  The office chair's 'back' to the room bothered me from the basics of feng shui that I know about too.

I sketched out a rough drawing of where the desk and love seat could be positioned and here is the end result:

Viola!  Nothing was removed, but the position of the desk against the half wall opens up the space now that more of the whole wall can be seen.  The dresser/cabinet stands out more now, but balances the desk too along the new wall, and the love seat feels more tucked in against the whole wall.  

Have a space you just can't make feel 'right' with the furniture pieces?  Contact me and I will help you redesign your space!


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  1. So much better, Jill! Great job with arranging the furniture in this room so that it "feels right." That makes a huge difference!