Friday, March 16, 2012

Have You Picked Up On Your Trend?

It starts as a single purchase; an accent your favorite color.

I seem to be on a red flower trend.  I bought these pillows from Target last spring to add a punch of color to our outdoor furniture set. 

On an exploritory stop to Pier One this past week I saw this amazing rug hanging on display:

I can so picture this in my living room/office!  But to not buy on impulse I am going to analyze/comparison shop.  I believe in time tested purchases; not too trendy, but enough to update a space and last more than a season.

The colors available for the spring season are so bright and plentiful!  Which brings me back to my trend.  I have been looking for new foyer and garage door entry rugs.  The entrances are not in direct view of each other, but they need to tie in~meaning they don't have to match exactly, which gives me more creative room!   Here's what I found, and knew I didn't need to look any futher :)

Notice the red flower theme I seem to be on?  What I love about these coodinating rugs is :
  1. They don't match exactly
  2. They relate to each other with theme and color tones
  3. They relate to (without matching exactly) the porcelain tile colors
  4. They relate to the rooms that flow off the entries
Now to find a living room/office rug that doesn't get the floral theme out of control, but ties in a transitional style.

Do you need help deciphering and pulling together your trend 'likes'?  Are your room wall colors flowing with your theme?  Call me for a consulting appointment if you get stuck.