Monday, December 26, 2011

Trends~worth following?

A new year is only a week away.  January seemed so far away even only a month ago to some, but for the trend setters, they're looking beyond March already.  2012 is about possibilities....

While I read and gather information from many sources to stay up with the trends, I don't tend to jump on the bandwagon first thing.  I like to observe, analyze, see how it relates to me and/or my clients needs. How can the trends help ~make color personal~ and not just trendy?

In my color world there have been many posts as to the 2012 colors of the year.  In case you missed part of the color buzz...

Benjamin Moore's color of the year is Wythe Blue HC-143. 

It is actually one of my 'go-to' colors because of its blue/green hue.  It can add a punch of color, but can be soft and spa like too.  It is very versatile.

Pantone's color of the year is Tangerine Tango.

This is a vibrant, energizing color that demands attention!  It is an orange/red that is not for the timid.  Actually, the timid could start with baby steps by using the color in accents. 

Notice how the above two 2012 colors of the year work together?  Blue and orange are complementary colors~opposite each other on the color wheel.  The trick is to keep the saturation similar so one doesn't overpower the other; the two will make the other stronger already.

Akzo Nobel's color of 2012 is a blushy red.  Their prediction is 2012 is all about possibilities.  The link in this paragraph is an informative read.

Color Marketing Group (CMG) chose Boyz-n-Berry as the 2012 color.  It is a
warm plum color with red undertones, not blue. 
The link for the source of the plum picture is another informative (shorter) read.

With more than one 'color of the year' I hope you find some inspiration and work a new color or two into your home.  If you would love to, but just don't know where to start, contact me for a color consultation and we'll make a 2012 color 'personal' to you!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Won't the Color Look Darker on the Wall?

A re-occurring question I am asked as a Color Consultant is if the color will look darker on the wall than on the 2"x2" paint chip available at the local paint store

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re-Designing a Loft Office

Optimizing space.  Don't you love the look of an open room (no doors to close) that is pulled together, functional and welcoming?  Me too. 

Here is a client's loft/office space before I made some suggestions to open up the space:

As you come up the stairs to the second floor this loft/office space is the first thing you see.  I felt crowded, even though there is obvious room to walk around.  The office chair's 'back' to the room bothered me from the basics of feng shui that I know about too.

I sketched out a rough drawing of where the desk and love seat could be positioned and here is the end result:

Viola!  Nothing was removed, but the position of the desk against the half wall opens up the space now that more of the whole wall can be seen.  The dresser/cabinet stands out more now, but balances the desk too along the new wall, and the love seat feels more tucked in against the whole wall.  

Have a space you just can't make feel 'right' with the furniture pieces?  Contact me and I will help you redesign your space!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Change is Good

Great rooms can pose a furniture arrangement dilemma.  The furniture can just get in the way instead of creating a 'welcome, come and take a seat' feeling. 

In order to invite friends and family into the room a little easier, I suggested to my client to move the piano on the same wall, but facing into the room, and not hugging the wall.  This created a shift in the sofa, which allows the wing back chairs to flank the fireplace while creating a conversation "U". 

Now guests can enjoy the fireplace from all angles of the room, and foot traffic can go between the dining area and great room with ease.

When the Christmas tree comes down a curio cabinet will fill the space and add some height (although not 9'!) to the back wall.

Do you feel stuck with your furniture in the same old placement or wish you could move some pieces around to give the room a fresh look?  Contact me for a consulting appointment to help find a welcoming flow to your floor space.