Friday, November 11, 2011

Petoskey Stone

Michigan's state stone is the Petoskey Stone.  As a kid my family vacationed at a family friend's cottage and we would walk miles along Lake Huron's sandy shores in search of these beautiful stones.  We would collect them and paint clear nail polish over the dry stone to bring out the fossil details. 

Petoskey Stone

So when a customer stopped in at North Cromwell Paint for some paint color help in decorating her powder room, I was inspired by her granite selection she brought in.  It reminded me of Petoskey Stones!  "Perfect" was her reply, as she too has a love of the stone, with fond memories attached with it.

Using the glass border tiles, metallic shimmery bull nose, ceramic tiles , and pictures of the Mighty Mac (Mackinac Bridge) to set the basis of the room, we explored the colors that would make the room 'feel' like it was around water like the Great Lakes. 

Do you have a vacation spot or collectible inspiration piece you want to bring back to your home with use of color?  Contact me for a consulting appointment to help you find your nature inspired ~color made personal~ for you!

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