Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crisp But Warm-How to Test Your Consultant's Skills

Challange of the week:  "I want crisp colors, and a warm feel" for my walls.

Initinally this comment contradicts itself, but I was able to come up with a palette for the main floor and second floor hallway that the client is very happy with. 

Color ReDesign color card
We met at the client's new house, but it was empty, so there were no inspiration pieces on hand and she didn't have any digital photos with her (adding to the challenge).  She had, however, surfed Benjamin Moore's Color Gallery and had a diversifed list of colors she liked online. 

We actually started with castleton mist HC-1, which will end up as a dining room accent color and worked the foyer, great room, kitchen, and library from there.  Three colors were on her list of suggestions, even though they looked different on her monitor (Please read my article about apps).  I found the great room main color, foyer, and trim colors, by adding and editing suggestions based on undertones to find that balance of 'crisp' and 'warm'  ~making color personal~ for my client. 

Do you have a room giving you more of a challange than you want?  Contact me to set up a consultation appointment and we will find the right colors that work for your space, making it personal to you!

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