Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fresh for 2014

Fall is upon us and we will start to see the newest trends and colors of the year 2014 emerge.  It is a great time to rethink what you can keep or freshen up in your home.

Fall Sky with Nature's Touch
Just yesterday I snapped this picture of the early evening sky. Can you see adding some of these colors to a room in your home?  The blue caught my attention and made me notice how fresh the fall air smelled. 

Benjamin Moore recently announced Breath of Fresh Air as the Color of the Year 2014.  
Classic Color 806
Blues with a muted tone can give a room a non-juvenile atmosphere.  They can be light like a clear sky, or grayed like blue jeans or slate.  They can be deep in value like navy.  

They just may look 'gray' on the color chip, but with fine tuning and 100's of tints and shades of blue available, you can add some blue to your home for a change or update, without the color turning 'nursery blue'....unless of course that is the perfect blue you are searching.  

If the process is daunting, call me, a color consultant, for help.  It is what I love to do: ~Making Color Personal~ !