Monday, May 6, 2013

Exterior Colors Gone Wrong

This was an incredibly long, cold, wet spring  in lower Michigan that delayed exterior paint projects.  With anticipation of helping clients find new or different or updated exterior colors for their existing, remodeled or new construction home I used the uncooperative weather to 'window' shop and see how local homes were trending.

We have many inland lakes in the area, so on some drives I found quite a few different home styles with color combinations that really work.

Commerce MI
West Bloomfield, MI

In the North / Mid East there are some colors that do not belong aesthetically on a home's exterior.   Some colors do not work for technical reasons: drastic light reflective value (LRV) changes; for example very light siding color to two or three shades darker.  Some colorants, therefore some paint colors, do not handle UV rays even though the exterior paint bases are significantly improved to handle fading and nature's elements.   Home Owners Association Rules are often scoffed at, but they really do prevent hideous colors from popping up in a neighborhood.


Some stores have home items.  Homes are not stores and can look eye catching without bright and saturated hues.

This subdivision purposely painted repeated colors.  Some are deep tones, but none are saturated and overly bright.  

Canton, MI
Please keep in mind that you cannot close a door to an exterior like you can to the bedroom, den or basement that you gave creative colors.  Your exterior doesn't have to be 'builder beige' but its color should represent the neighborhood well.

If you are really stuck, color consultants, such as myself, can help you navigate the barrage of color choices and color placement.

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