Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trending--Is It Worth Keeping Up

Do you consider yourself trendy? Do you wish you could find a timeless look so you didn't have to worry about having a 'dated' look?  Painting your walls is still the quickest and less expensive way to transform a room.  Some decor changes help you update and still use what you otherwise have.

September is only a day away and fall items are starting to pop up in stores including color trends for 2015.  No 'color of the year' announcements from specific companies in this blog, but that's okay because I want to concentrate on the non-trendy part of paint colors to help transition any updates you try to incorporate into your space.

Over the past few years #gray was considered the new #beige.  I have had friends and clients overhaul their homes to meet this paint color change.  Not everyone can use a classic gray in their space.  I've personally tried to find ways to incorporate gray into my home and it's too cold or gloomy for my liking.  (Michigan doesn't have countless sunny days). Instead I've changed out some paint colors with a warm, green-gray.  

There are some beige paint colors that help balance all of that gray as well.  I have found the khaki beige colors help as neutrals without looking pink or 'builder' beige.  They help the green-grays or brown-grays look more gray than the undertone of brown/green. So when you see green in a beige it's usually helping the color from looking pink. If you see green in a gray its usually helping it from looking blue. 

Painting a room in taupe colors that lean gray instead of pink can help give an adjoining gray room some unique definition too, with some warmth.    

The best way I've learn to describe combining gray, taupe and beige paint colors is it's like using river rocks.  

Neutral color inspiration
They come in a varying range but all work together.  Plus you can add some variation to the rooms' colors but keep a flow or smooth transition from and to rooms.  The single tip to make the rooms work together, without having to paint them all the same color: relate something to each room.  If you use gray on the walls in one room, use the same shade of gray as a decor piece or accent in the next room.  

If you find yourself stuck in changing some colors in your room, call me for a color consultation

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