Monday, October 13, 2014

Sky Blue--Good Paint Color?

Fall in Michigan can be absolutely beautiful!  It's the kind of day you have to soak up the sunshine and light breeze because they are fewer and farther between as November approaches.  It's the kind of day that 55 degrees feels warm (in the sun).  Shorts and a sweatshirt....I think its a Michigan thing, where as most people would have on long pants if temps called for a sweatshirt.  

Mostly Sunny For Today

I am soaking up the afternoon outside, even dealing with the glare on the screen so I can be outside as long as possible.  And it got me thinking as I stared at the crisp, bright blue sky.  

Mid October Sunny Sky in Michigan

At one point there wasn't a cloud as far as the eye can see.  When I finally took a snapshot a few high wispy ones were making their way in.  I analyzed the sky and thought it resembled some clean, bright Benjamin Moore colors.

Yosemite Blue 2059-40, Utah Sky 2065-40, Big Country Blue 2066-30, Blue Lapis 2067-40.

Question is, how do these colors look in a room as paint on the wall?  Strong, bright, intense, fun.  That could translate to 'too much' for some spaces.  It may be better in smaller doses, in a niche area, or reserved for art work or art pieces.    

Still want a blue room with less intensity but not nursery tones?  Choose a blue that has a gray look, possibly more gray than blue especially in a store's florescent lighting.  How do you determine what THAT is? Pick some blues and some grays on color chips. Grays like to lean toward blue or green or purple.  Now put them along side a more gray that reads gray, like Stonington Gray HC-170.  You most likely will see the undertone; the blue, green or purple, coming through.  Trust your gut to narrow down the color selection.  If you still haven't found one you like, wet samples are always a great way to test a color before you invest in a gallon (or two or five).  A portable sample on a poster board or paint sample product will let you test the color though out the room without committing to painting right away.  If you do paint on the wall, make sure you use a roller so you do not create a smooth brushed surface that will show smoother than the rest of the walls under the new final paint color.

Of course a color consultant can always help you with a professional, unbiased opinion about the colors and find that mix of a 'perfect' blue or other color for your space.  Click here for my contact information.  I look forward to ~making color personal~ for you.


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