Monday, June 2, 2014

Inspired yet?

Inspiration for painting a room.....

Does it come easily to you?

Where does yours come from?

Sometimes you inherit or buy an item that lets you build a room around its colors.
Multiple Color Pallet

Sometimes you inherit a previous owner's paint color you know you don't want.
Lot o' Orange

Nature can make color combinations make a lot of sense.
Winter Sunset
Pastels don't have to only be pink or blue.  Light taupe, gray, purple, or buttery yellow can add soft color to a room.

Summer Sky
Crisp, clear colors can add life to a room.  Sometimes muted or grayed colors just look dull or muddy.  Lighting plays a key role.

Double Rainbow
After a rain storm Mother Nature shows off a classic collection of hues.

The tricky part of mixing colors can be combining the right tones of colors so the result is pleasing, not clashing.  

The 60-30-10 rule of main color, second color and accent helps keep a room or combined spaces from looking like a box of crayons exploded.

If the whole process is still overwhelming bring in a professional color consultant.  We can help you decipher and explain what colors will work together in your space based on your inspiration piece or envisioned look.


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