Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Change is Good

Great rooms can pose a furniture arrangement dilemma.  The furniture can just get in the way instead of creating a 'welcome, come and take a seat' feeling. 

In order to invite friends and family into the room a little easier, I suggested to my client to move the piano on the same wall, but facing into the room, and not hugging the wall.  This created a shift in the sofa, which allows the wing back chairs to flank the fireplace while creating a conversation "U". 

Now guests can enjoy the fireplace from all angles of the room, and foot traffic can go between the dining area and great room with ease.

When the Christmas tree comes down a curio cabinet will fill the space and add some height (although not 9'!) to the back wall.

Do you feel stuck with your furniture in the same old placement or wish you could move some pieces around to give the room a fresh look?  Contact me for a consulting appointment to help find a welcoming flow to your floor space.

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