Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pick Me!

'Are people still using accent walls?'

Yes, but not for the sake of just having one because others do.  Some
rooms just don't have the right space or wall to accent.

On a recent consultation a client had a perfect niche area in the
kitchen to differentiate the eating area.

Niche area as accent wall

All of the rooms were originally off-white, floor to ceiling.  We broke up the
eye strain in two ways: 

To bring a pop of color, an accent, into the space we defined the eating area with a warm browny orange.

In the kitchen we found a soft color to meld in with the tiles, and repeated the color on the upper walls in the two front rooms you see when you enter in the front door.  The wainscoting was painted an antique white in both rooms for balance with each other and the ceiling.

  This helped create a break from the carmel color we used in the foyer.

The great room flows directly from the foyer and has some architectural detail at the ceiling.  For a subtle transition the walls were painted an almond color, which is lighter than the foyer, but darker than the off white ceiling. 

To add some interest I recommended painting the angle section the wall color.

Color is so transforming.  This house became more of a home when the floor-to-ceiling 'builder white' was switched up by adding an accent area in the kitchen with a stronger, saturated color and defining, yet unifying, the other main floor rooms with a analogous color scheme.
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