Sunday, September 22, 2013

Deck Sealant Made Easy

September is in full swing.  The seasonal weather in Michigan is typically everything but snow....and so far we've had a normal September.  Today's morning temp was 44*F  This afternoon is in the pleasant mid 60s.  As timing would finally have it, between rain, drying time and an open schedule I finished the spindles on our 14 year old deck today!  The forecast is positive for the week so the floor boards will get stain and a clear coat this week.  
Deck in TWP Stain

Our natural cedar deck has always had a cedar color in the past 14 years.  TWP 501 (now TWP1501 with voc changes) had been our go-to product.  It is a one coat system that typically lasts two seasons with the snow and sun hitting the deck boards significantly.  Surprisingly it is the ALKYD (oil) base that can't hold up to Mother Nature's fury, even though oil products and wood are a natural match.

We tried Sikkens SRD077 Cedar (a one coat system) three years ago.  It went on easily and required a maintenance coat.  Sikkens has many products that are specific for certain applications.  Your project's requirements will help narrow down which product will work for your project.

Since it was time to strip the old coating off I chose Benjamin Moore's Arbor Coat Semi Transparent stain to use this time around. As a color change I went with Teak.  Arbor Coat semi-transparent has a mix of acrylic and alkyd properties, so it will soak into the wood but has water clean up.  The down part is the floor boards are a two step process requiring the stain and a clear coat for protection.  The upside is the product went on so easy to the spindles and rails, it was not smelly like the oil products and clean up was quick--water, no thinner!
Spindles and rails complete with Arbor Coat. Floor boards next.
As a service to my clients I use my deck and house walls as a guinea pig of sorts.  If I am going to recommend paint and stain products I need to know the nuances about them.  That being said, if you don't have the time or want to make the time to prep properly and follow the manufacture's directions for application hire a professional!!  

If you have a new or older deck, I can help you find the right product and color to keep it looking new.

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